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Engine Air Intake

Engine Intake Air Flow is a measurement of the air flow demanded by an internal combustion engine. This measurement is required for any engine test or dynamometer cell where emissions are being monitored or the air fuel ratio is being determined. Also legislation in some instances requires operation under some predetermined air intake conditions be that as a flowrate or as a mass air input.

The Labcell Engine Air Intake Meter range covers flow rates up to 64,000 LPM in line sizes from 50mm to 200mm Dia. Each standard meter features an upstream filter mounted on the light spun alluminium meter body. The meter utilises a Laminar Flow Element with a Differential Pressure Sensor calibrated to give an analogue output directly from the meter. The calibration of the meter and sensor together provides a linear output and a high accuracy of +/- 1.0% of reading.

LFE with filter

Sizing Chart

Line Size 2" 4" 6" 8"
Max Flow (scfm) 100 400 1,000 2,250
Max Flow (Litres/min) 2,800 11,000 28,000 64,000
Filter Option Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Measures clean, dry air/gases
  • Wide flow turndown (20:1)
  • Flow ranges from 5 cc/min to 64,000 LPM
  • Line sizes : 1/4" to 8" Diameter
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.72 % of Reading
  • Filtered meters available
  • Choice of line connections (Hose, flanged or threaded)

Applications Include:

  • Engine Air Intake Measurement
  • Emissions Analysis
  • Flow Benches
  • Calibration Standards/Reference
  • Component Leak Detection

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Precise flow instruments for the measurement of air flow including engine air intake applications.

Meriam Laminar Flow Elements measure volume flow rate of gas by operating on capillary flow principles. The LFE generates a differential pressure which is near-linear to flow rate passed resulting in excellent performance in terms of accuracy, repeatability and turndown.

They are available in a number of line sizes to suit a choice of flow ranges, gases and applications.

Each LFE is calibrated independently and supplied with co-efficients to allow flow rate to be determined by measuring differential pressure.

LFE Data Sheet
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LFE Intake Meter
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LFE Manual
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