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Lambda 5220 Analyser

The ECM 5220 Analyser is the pinnacle of Lambda and %O2 measurement technology. The 5220 is the perfect choice for in-vehicle and/or dynamometer testing. It has 6 x analogue output channels (for integration with any data acquisition system) and CAN communication capability.

The 5220 Analyser uses either the Bosch or the NTK-type wide range UEGO (wideband) sensor and is programmable for all fuel types. A second measurement channel can be added.

It features a local LED which can be configured to display any two of the following parameters simultaneously (from either measurement channel):

  • Lambda
  • AFR
  • %O2
  • Equivalence Ratio (Phi)
  • Exhaust Pressure*

To maintain accucacy, the 5220 can be supplied with a pressure sensor to compensate for AFR/Lambda measurements at non-stoichiometric and non-atmospheric conditions.

5220 Ranges/Specifications

Parameter Range Accuracy
Lambda Range 0.4 to 25 0.005 (at Lambda =1)
AFR Range 6 to 364 +/- 0.1 AFR (at 14.6 AFR)
%O2 Range 0 to 25% +/- 0.2 (at 0 to 2% O2)
*Pressure Range 0 517 kPa +/- 5.2 kPa

* pressure compensation is an optional feature


  • Output to LED local display
  • Response time of less than 150 ms
  • Programmable Fuel Type (as defined by H:C. O:C, N:C Ratio)
  • 6 x User Defined Analogue Outputs (0-5V DC)
  • CAN Programmable Communication Protocol


  • Display Head and Control Module ( 1 x per measurement channel)
  • UEGO Sensor ( 1 x per measurement channel)
  • All required cabling
  • Boss/Bung Set
  • Operating Manual
  • Optional Power Supply


  • Mains Power Supply
  • Rack Mounting Panel (for dynamometer installations)
  • Second Measurement Channel
  • Pressure Compensation

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Front Panel - 2 channels of Display


Rear - CAN & Analogue Connections

5220 Schematic
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5220 Specifications
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Labcell Automotive Instrumentation Brochure
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