Automotive & Industrial

Automotive & Industrial

UniCAN 2

Acquisition of measurement data and ECU information in road test, endurance test, driver dynamics, benchmarks, etc. in the field of:

  • Passenger cars, trucks, busses, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles
  • Agricultural, construction and special purpose vehicles
  • Aircraft, trains and military vehicles

In particular, also suitable for test and validation of new technologies such as:

  • Electro-, hybrid- and fuel cell drives

The FPGA-/µ-controller- based CAN bus data loggers of the UniCAN 2 family have features that are otherwise - if at all - only found in - PC-based devices. At the same time they offer unique data security.

  • Fail-safe data recording: Neither in the event of a supply voltage outage, nor in the event of the removal of the memory card during operation, will the hitherto recorded data be lost. The CSM REC09 file system remains consistent and recording can be continued without difficulty.
  • Optimized memory access on CF cards: With the increasing segmentation of the memory card, the write access on the card in the case of data loggers with conventional file systems will increasingly slow down. Not in the case of UniCAN 2.
  • Concomitant recording ofCAN-Trace and of signals in respectively up to eight groups with own trigger and filter conditions.
  • Pre-trigger on CF-Card, enables Gigabyte large Pre-trigger.
  • Remote data transmission over UMTS / GPRS modem simultaneously possible with the data collection.
  • J1939 with the full support of the transport protocol and online triggering of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes entailed in the DM1-message.
  • Easy to use, thereby high-performance configuration software with fleet management.
CAN interface Up to 4 x CAN 2.0B
High-Speed CAN (ISO11898-2), max. 1 MBit/s,
Low-Speed CAN (ISO11898-3)
electrical isolation (optional)
Internal GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modem with external antenna (optional)
GPS Internal GPS module with external passive or active antenna (optional)
USB 2.0
1 x USB type B (connection with a PC)
1 x USB type A (for WLAN or memory stick)
1 x external (up to 115.2 kBaud)
Digital I/O
4 digital I/Os available
up to 4 x digital IN (TTL threshold) / up to 2 x digital OUT
Slot CF card 1 slot (type I) for CF card at the front-side
"hot swap" capability
Power supply
Power consumption
6.5 V DC to 50 V DC
Stand-by current (PowerControl OFF) < 500 µA at 12 V
3W (in operation, without options)
Aluminium black coated
500 g
109 x 35 x 150mm
RS232/digital I/O
Mobile communication

LEMO 0B 5-pole
LEMO 0B 7-pole
FME connector
SMA connector
Operating temperature
-40° C to +85° C

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  • Stand-alone data logger with failsafe data acquisition
  • 4 CAN bus interfaces, electrical isolation optional
  • Digital I/O
  • Integrated GPS receiver and UMTS/GPRS modem (optional)
  • "Hot swap" CF card up to 128 GB
  • Recording of signals and messages in
    groups, with unique trigger conditions
  • User-definable pre-trigger buffers;
    size is only limited by CF card capacity
  • Support of protocols (optional) CCP, J1939, XCP on CAN
  • Software extensions (optional) CANsend, CAN Stimulation, Seed & Key
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Quick start after "Power On"
  • Very low stand-by power consumption

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