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The CSMshunt expands the usability of AD-Scan MiniModules, enabling the user to measure current in a precise and accurate manner - even under the harshest environmental conditions. Additionally CSMshunt is suitable for operating at all kinds of analogue measurements.

The power supply of the external amplifier is electrically isolated. The electronic isolation of the measurement signal is handled by the measurement module, so that interspersion will not cause any measurement errors.

The shunt-based measurement solution is characterized not only by the optimum integration to AD-Scan Mini Modules (in particular by the high temperature resistance up to +125° C under full load), but also its excellent accuracy.

The CSMshunt is designed to be inserted directly into the current path. Any pre-existing/original fusing remains completely unaffected.

CSMshunt 2.5A CSMshunt 25A CSMshunt 125A CSMshunt 250A
Input measurement range
±2.5 A
(Shunt 10m Ohms)
±25 A
(Shunt 1m Ohm)
±125 A
(Shunt 0.2m Ohm)
±250 A
(Shunt 0.1m Ohm)
Threshold frequency 1.4 kHz
Measurement accuracy
at 25° C
< 0.5%
of meas. value
< 0.5%
of meas. value
< 0.5%
of meas. value
< 0.5%
of meas. value
Temperature drift typ. 60 ppm/K 
Power supply
Power consumption

12 V DC
15 V DC
typ. 12.5mA 12 V DC

Maximum overcurrent
10 A
70 A
200 A
750 A
Protection class:
Shunt IP67 IP54
Amplifier IP67
Shunt 50g 250g
Amplifier 60g
Shunt 41 x 15 x 30 mm 135 x 35 x 40 mm
Amplifier 80 x 30 x 30 mm
Input Open end copper wire M6 threaded bolt
Output LEMO 0B 6-pole
Operating temperature
-40° C to +125° C

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Typical fields of application

  • Acquisition and monitoring of current in operational mode
  • Acquisition and monitoring of current in sleep mode
  • Detection of "electricity hogs" to avoid battery problems in serial production
  • Monitoring of sleep- and recovery behaviour of ECUs
  • Measurement of discharge and charge current of the battery (charge balance)
  • Monitoring and logging of the battery status for vehicle transport, particularly ocean transport
  • Error analysis in the service garage for error identification in "non-mobility vehicles" and
    other electric-/electronic-problem vehicles
  • Long-term monitoring of vehicle current during continuous vehicle operation.

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