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CAN bus

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CAN bus measurement modules from CSM

Since the introduction of the CAN-bus based MiniModule-family in the year 2003, the measurement modules from CSM have evolved to a global standard and thus decisively shape the world of mobile measurement and test-bench measurement technology.

CSM has based on years of experience in the design of Analogue-/Digital-Hardware as well as FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) development, succeeded in setting standards with respect to the application areas of measurement technology, accuracy, reliability, availability as well as value for money.

The configuration of the CSM MiniModule family is executed over the CSM domestic, cost free CSM ConfigTool or a CANopen master. Users of ETAS INCA appreciate the CSM INCA AddOn, through which the CSM modules are fully integrated in INCA.


Non UK/Ireland Customers

Non UK/Ireland Customers, please contact CSM at:

ADMM pro

Analogue to Digital Mini Module

ADMM pro 2

Analogue to Digital Mini Module

ADMM classic

Analogue to Digital Mini Module


Current Measurement Mini Module

THMM pro

Thermo Scan Mini Module

THMM classic

Thermo Scan Mini Module


Thermo Scan Mini Module for HV Systems


Event Counting Mini Module


EtherCAT Mini Module


Multifunction Output Mini Module


Power Control Mini Module


PT-Scan Mini Module

UniCAN 2

Data Logger with GPS and GPRS Modem


PT-Scan Mini Module