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Fast Temp - Fast Response Thermocouple Module

ECM's Fast Temp thermocouple module outputs ultra-high bandwidth temperature measurements using standard K-Type (Chromel Alumel), grounded thermocouple probes. Measurements that once required a 0.005" (0.13mm) diameter exposed-bead thermocouple can now be performed using a 1/16" (1.5mm) shielded (i.e. more rugged) thermocouple. The speed increase is made possible by ECM's proprietary active-drive thermocouple circuitry.

With FastTemp, fast dynamic temperature information hidden by conventional thermocouple amplifiers now becomes available for use. FastTemp is especially suited for temperature measurements in the exhaust of engines for engine control, engine durability, turbocharger, aftertreatment and exhaust system development.

Range: -60 to 1370°C (-76 to 2498°F)
Accuracies: ± 1°C RTI (relative to input)
± 10mV RTO (relative to output)
Internal cold junction compensation
Response Time: Fast - Less than 50 msec (10 to 90%)
Standard - Dependant on probe used
Outputs: 5mV/ °C for Fast and Standard signals
Less than 500W output impedance
200V Isolation from sensor input to outputs
2 Female BNC connectors
Sensor: Supplied: 1/16" (1.5mm) dia., 6" (150mm) grounded K-Type
Optional: Any grounded K-Type
Sensor 2m, Power 2m
Power: 6 to 35 VDC, 200mW typical
500V galvanic isolation from sensor input and outputs
LED power status indicator
Mounting: Two 1/5" (5mm) holes from top, Two 10-32 (M5 x 0.8) threaded holes on back
Size & Weight: 152mm x 70mm x 30mm (6" x 2.75" x 1.2"), 360gm (12.7oz)
Environmental: IP67, -55 to +125°C, 100% humidity, environmentally sealed

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