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The Power Control MiniModule (PCMM) is a central power distribution for a total measurement system and allows the selective on and offswitching of data loggers, measurement modules and further external devices.

It includes a number of configurable switching inputs such as terminal 15 (ignition) switch voltage from a data logger and an external switching voltage.

In addition, the PCMM buffers the data logger, for example, during startup of an engine and thus enables the bridging of voltage dips below the minimum operating voltage of 5 V DC.

Inputs Power In
Power Out
Power Logger
Power Out Switched
CAN In Logger
CAN Out Mess-Bus
Power supply
6 V to 50 V
Power consumption:
Switching output off
Switching output on
Charge process SuperCaps

Max. 2,5 A temporary
Switching inputs
Switch-on voltage: 4 V to 48 V
Input resistance: 10kOhm
Power out
Power logger/
Power out switched

Max. 12 A (unbuffered)

Max. 35W (buffered)
Buffer capability:
Output power
Time period
Starting voltage
Final voltage

Approx. 9 V
Approx. 7 V
Conservation of buffer capability:
with UBATT on
with UBATT off

Reduction of starting voltage by approx. 0.2 V/h
After discharge more than 500ms
After complete discharge
Min. vehicle voltage for complete
charge with limit stop

ca. 10 s
ca. 20 s

12 V

Housing Aluminium
Protection class

Blue anodized
550 g
200 x 35 x 50mm,
200 x 40 x 50mm (Slide Case)

Operating temperature

-40° C to +85° C

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  • Central power distribution for the entire measurement system
  • Switching on and off selectively of
    measurement modules, data logger
    and further external devices
  • Configurable gate input:
    KEY_ON, switching voltage by
    the data logger, external voltage
  • Buffering during ignition
  • Operating temperature: -40° C to +85° C
  • Robust aluminium housing: IP50
  • Very compact design, adapted to CSM MiniModuleOUTMM Example System

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