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Automotive & Industrial

Thermo-Scan MiniModules

Originally developed for use inside engine compartments, these modules are designed to operate in extreme temperature and environmental conditions and are very compact in size.

All CSM MiniModules deliver excellent technical specifications, and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Through ongoing product upgrades to existing products and new developments  a "classic" - and "pro" version has been established. The "classic" versions entail the essential core functions with maximum ease of operation, whereas the "pro" versions incorporate all innovations as well as all the enhancements.

The Thermo-Scan MiniModules (THMM) are available in many variants, whose operation has been developed and optimized based on customer requirements.

We can proudly claim that they in their class count among the best and most sustainable thermocouple measuring instruments in the world.

THMM pro THMM classic
Output rate of up to 200 Hz per channel Output rate of up to 10 Hz per channel
Device version for thermocouple of type K, J and T
Device version for thermocouple of type K
Two-color LED per channel for visualization of operating conditions and sensor failure

THMM pro

Thermo Scan Mini Module

THMM classic

Thermo Scan Mini Module


Thermo Scan Mini Module for HV Systems