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Automotive & Industrial

Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR)

Air Fuel Ratio, sometimes known as Lambda or Equivalence Ratio is the most influential parameter affecting the emissions, efficiency and driveability of spark ignition engines. The accurate and tight control of AFR is mandatory in optimising an engines performance. With this level of importance on a single parameter a high quality AFR analyser is a necessary component of any engine calibration, testing, development or maintenance programme.

Labcell markets and supports a range of engine test instrumentation suitable for dynamometer and in-vehicle use.

The instrumentation measures a range of parameters and utilises modern technology to provide local display and/or signal output(s).

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Lambda 5220

The pinnacle of Lambda and %O2 measurement technology.


A powerful Lambda, AFR & %O2 measurement module


Remote Lambda and NOx CAN Display


For applications where a display is not required, we offer ECM AFR modules.

Lambda Pro

A compact, lightweight AFR analyser. Ideal for in-vehicle use.


A rack mount dual channel meter ideal for dynamometer and twin-exhaust applications


A portable dual channel meter ideal for dynamometer and twin-exhaust applications

AFR Analyser 2400

Spark Timing, RPM and Manifold Pressure measurements.

AFR Analyser 2000

A single channel AFR meter with built-in power supply. Suitable for dyno or in-vehicle use.

AFR Analyser 1200

Full functionality of the other meters mounted in a lightweight package.