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Automotive & Industrial

Air-Fuel Ratio Modules (AFR, FAR, %O2 & Lambda)

For applications where a display is not required, Labcell offers the ECM AFR modules.


Modules AFM1500 and F/A1500 output AFR (or FAR) via a 0 to 5V linearised analogue signal plus AFR, FAR, Lambda and %O2 via a SMB (Serial Measurement Bus) interface.

Modules AFM1000 and F/A1000 output AFR (or FAR) via a 0 to 5V linearised analogue signal.

The AFM1540 is the latest development of module designed specifically to operate with the Bosch LSU4.9 Sensor.


The OXY6200 module is suitable for %O2 measurements in the exhaust and intake of engines and outputs %O2 via a 1.1 to 5.5V linearised analogue signal.


The SMB interface allows serial communication with as many as sixteen modules using a single RS-232 serial port from a computer.


All modules use UEGO (Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen) sensor and can perform field calibration of the system using ambient air.

UEGO Sensor

Labcell stock replacement sensors for all of the ECM Air-Fuel Ratio Meters.

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AFM1000 AFM1500 Specification
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AFM1540 Lambda Module
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In Vehicle AFR Modules
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FA1000 FA1500 Specification
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