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Automotive & Industrial

Blow By Monitor M400MR

For Engine Testing, Lubricant Testing and Fleet Maintenance in Dynamometer Cells and Vehicles.

Blow By is the gas which is blown past the piston rings or which is caused by valve guide or turbocharger leakeage. Blow By data are used to determine engine condition and lubricating oil effectiveness. Blow By is quantified either by the flowrate at a given speed or load or by the time it takes for a certain volume of gas to flow over a given engine cycle.

The M400MR is compact, easy to use and versatile. With user selectable ranges from 4 to 400 LPM it will cover most Blow By requirements. Analogue output, selectable range and display are standard features. The sensor utilises vortex shedding technology which is solid state and enables the meter to be both small and light. The meter incorporates oil separation and damping volumes and is easy to install and connect to the hose from the engine.


  • Wide flow measurement range (user-selectable)
  • Suitable for spark ignition and diesel engines
  • 0-5V linearised, programmable output
  • Easy-to-read display for flow output and configuration
  • Flow rate and totaliser modes
  • User-defined engineering units (LPM, CFM, Litre or Cubic Feet)
  • Low flow restriction
  • Built in oil separators and dampers
  • Integral ports for temperature and pressure probes

The M400MR measures the flow of gases from an engine's crankcase.This flow, called Blow-by, is caused by piston ring, valve guide and turbocharger leakage. Blow-by data is used to determine engine condition and lubricating oil effectiveness.

Blow-by is quantified either by:

  • The flowrate at a given engine load or speed
  • The time it takes for a certain volume of gas to flow over a given engine cycle.

Measurement Types:

The M400MR has both flow rate and totaliser modes and therefore supports both types of measurement. The Blow-by meter operates on a vortex shedding principle which provides a fast response and an insensitivity to temperature, pressure and velocity. There are no moving parts in the meter and the vortex shedding
principle ensures pefect zero stability.

Flow Ranges:

Flow ranges are set by adjustable by-pass ports:
User selectable:

  • 4 to 150 LPM (0.15 to 5.4 CFM)
  • 11 to 300 LPM (0.41 to 10.8 CFM)
  • 15 to 400 LPM (0.56 to 14.4 CFM)
  • Total Flow: 1,000 Litres (total), 100.0 ft3 (total)

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