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Pipeline Integrity Tester

Pressure, ambient temperature and pipeline temperature are measured by the system's NIST traceable instrumentation and plotted on one graph versus time. The PC's real time plots feature self adjusting x- and yaxes, colour coded plot lines and zoom in / out control.

The PIT5000 Pipeline Integrity Tester also provides site data entry, data logging, pump stroke counter, limits with associated visual alarms and much more.


PIT5000 software is designed to streamline the hydro-test operator's workload. A tab structure allows fast selection of any desired screen. Each tab provides test information, plots, or editable fields as appropriate plus a digital display of key test parameters along the right hand side.

During the pressure test program, measurements that exceed the limits entered into the Setup screen are highlighted by a flashing red background. Data sets are saved in one minute intervals to the PC's hard drive and to an SD card for back up.


  • Durable HPX® resin case with built in wheels and telescoping handle, water resistant, hinged lid with latches and provisions for a lock.
  • Control panel for mounting MFT4000 measurement device, mini-PC (using Velcro), one 1/4" NPT(F) pressure connection, two M12 RTD connectors, one M12 stroke counter connector, battery voltage indicator and 12VDC automotive style socket.
  • 12 hour or 28 hour sealed battery for PIT5000 system operation, rechargeable.
  • Charger with AC wall plug (input) and DC automotive style plug (output).
  • 30 ft DC extension cord with DC automotive style plugs on each end.
  • Mini-PC, includes 4GB SD card, three USB ports (one available), one Ethernet port.
  • Meriam MFT 4000 with user specified pressure module and two RTD measurement modules.
  • Ralston QSQS 5,000 PSI hose of user specified length, SS ends, adapter fittings.
  • Two Pt100, 4-wire RTDs, 1/4" diameter, class A accuracy, alpha = 0.00385, with user specified cable lengths and M12 mating connectors.
  • Pump stroke counter with user specified cable length, M12 mating connector by spade terminations.
  • Nylon gear bag for storing and toting hose, cables, RTDs, charger, DC extension cord.
Safe Working Pressure: 3000 PSIG for 0 - 1500 PSIG range option
6000 PSIG for 0 - 3300 PSIG range option
PC working temperature: 5º to 35º C (41º to 95º F)
Battery working temperature: 5º to 35º C (41º to 95º F)
Storage temperature: -20º to 60º C- (4º to 140º F)
Pressure Accuracy: ±0.025% FS for 0 - 1500 PSIG range
±0.05% FS for 0 - 3300 PSIG range
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.4º C (±0.72º F) for temperatures between 18º C and
28º C (64º F and 82º F). Outside this range apply Temp. Coeff. of 0.02 º C/º C (0.04º F/º F)
Voltage output: +5VDC to dry contacts (supplied by user for pump stroke counting)
Dimensions: 24.8"L x 19.7"W x 11.9"D
Weight:(12 hour battery) 75 lbs
Weight:(28 hour battery) 95 lbs

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System PC:

  • Operating System - Windows 7 Starter
  • 10.1" Widescreen TFT 1024 x 600
  • Keyboard and mouse pad with right and left click buttons
  • 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard drive
  • Two (2) USB ports, minimum
  • Memory card slot for SD/SDHC/MMC cards
  • AC power adapter

System Battery & Charger

An internal, rechargeable sealed battery provides portable power.

Order the 12 hour battery option to support 8 hour hydrostatic pressure tests or the 28 hour battery option to support up to 24 hour tests.

A mains charger, complete with wall plug and DC automotive cord/plug, is included. The charger connects to the PIT5000's automotive style socket and can charge the battery or power the PIT5000. The battery is fully charged after about eight hours.

A 30 foot extension with automotive style plugs on both ends can be used to recharge the system battery on site or to power the PIT5000 from an automobile if necessary.

Pipeline Integrity Tester
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