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CFO-Sx00 Gas Dosing Kit

The Tetratec CFO-Sx00 is commonly used for calibration of CVS dilution system or SHED chamber.

It uses electronic control to inject a known dose of gas (either propane or carbon monoxide) into the CVS system to check the calibration of the measurement instrumentation.

The CFO-Sx00 is available with one or two critical orifices (according to the CVS air flow volume under test) and flow rate is set and controlled via electronic regulator.

Features include:

  • CVS Calibration with wide flow turndown capability
  • SHED Test Option
  • Compliant with EPA Standards
  • Electronic Pressure Control
  • Fully portable and self contained housing
  • Certification supplied


Power: 110-260 VAC, 50/60Hz, 24VDC max. 100W

Outputs: Ethernet, RS-232 & RS-485

Display: S320 features 3 x 6 digits text LED (Red)

Housing: Aluminium Case (373 x 358 x 300mm), Approx 11 kg weight

Process Connection: AN4a, 316 SS Steel gas inputs;  Flexible SS mantled PTFE tube connections also available

Media Compatibility: Propane, Carbon Monoxide and any clean, dry, non-corrosive gas (which is SS compatible)

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Gas Dosing Volume:
0.05 to 10 litres/min +/-0.5% FS
Differential Pressure: 0 to 7 Bar  +/-0.3% FS
Absolute Pressure: 0 to 1.2 Bar  +/-0.1% FS
0-50°C +/-0.2°C

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